#CampNaNoWriNo Success

I come bearing good news. I took on the mountain and today I am proud to say I conquered it. My mission of 60,000 words in one month is complete. I even have a few days extra for reading through and editing. It’s been a fun journey with all the ups and downs one would expect and there were a couple of times there I didn’t think it possible so I’m super happy to be stood at the finish line today. This is my first attempt at one of these events and it will certainly not be my last (frankly I can’t wait until November). I’ve had so much fun. It’s been really great sharing a cabin with like minded writers who have been there to cheer me on when I was struggling and celebrate with me now it’s over. And it’s been really good for me to have strict deadlines to write too. It’s taught me a lot as a writer. I’ve learnt that I can sprint write, something I did not think myself capable a month ago.

The Butterfly Children is a long way from finished. I’m still really excited about it as a project (which is always good news as fellow writers know how quickly that buzz can fade). It’s something a little different from what I’ve tried before. For a couple of days I’m going to luxuriate in my smugness on the counter to the right but then its time to up the ante and see if I can get it to the end (aim 120,000) as quickly as possible. But keep an eye out. It’ll be getting its own ‘I’m an official book now’ page on the top bar and on that will be lots more information and little tidbits. Maybe even an except if I’m feeling sneaky :p

But for now… Champagne please 😀