Geek Out! Harry Potter turns 33

Okay so I’m a day late. I meant to post this yesterday what with it being July 31st, both JK Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday, hence the afore mentioned title but time ran away from me so you’ll have to forgive the belated nature of this post.

In honour of the great wizard’s birthday, I wanted to post this link to a really interesting documentary. It was broadcast on british TV quite a few years ago now but I always find it really interesting. Anyone with an interest in JK, her work or indeed the world of publishing should give it a watch. It’s got some really interesting insights. I just hope someday I can create a world I know as well as she knows hers. Also, just want to say, if anyone deserved the success of Harry Potter, it’s JK.

It’s a little long but honestly, it’s really worth it.

2 thoughts on “Geek Out! Harry Potter turns 33

  1. vaeng says:

    Harry Potter has to struggle when he fails to be in the company of his friends and well wishers, but rises and easily passes all the hurdles when he consults them and relies on them.

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