In Search of Inspiration: Alternative Music (1)

My sister first introduced me to Lindsey Stirling a couple of months ago. All I got was a single text message with a youtube link and a ‘you have to listen to this’. Growing up in the UK, neither of us watched America’s Got Talent (from which this incredibly talented young woman got knocked out) so it was by chance we fell across her. And I’m really glad we did.

Lindsey is a violinist like you won’t believe. Only someone who plays themselves will understand just how hard what she does is to do. She mixes a modern electric sound on beautiful big classical tracks, most famously on a Phantom of the Opera medley, the video link is below. A video, which she explains at the end, she directed and filmed herself. It’s another nice thing about Lindsey, her videos are enjoyably quirky and a little bit of fun but also atmospheric. I’ve also linked to a video she did with the Piano Guys whom I’ll dedicate a post to later on this month.

Again, I’m not going to say much here but just let the work speak for itself. Take ten minutes, shut your eyes and just listen. Let her music take you away to a world built of clouds, or of a battlefield torn apart by magic, witches and vampires, princesses and kings, suitcases and businessmen, whatever your imagination chooses. Hers in the kind of music you can loose yourself in completely.





One thought on “In Search of Inspiration: Alternative Music (1)

  1. mithriluna says:

    We have followed the Piano Guys before they became the Piano Guys when Jon Schmidt came out with his Love Story video with Steven Sharp Nelson (Jon’s “All of Me” is what first caught our ears). We are always looking for good alternative music to listen over the mindless junk that is popular these days. Lindsey Stirling is also one of those artists that is enjoyable to listen to as well as watch. I really enjoy her cover of “River Flows in You”. She’s very gifted.

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