This page used to be called “books” but I felt that was a bit disingenuous as it implies I actually have “books” to my name. I don’t. I wish I did. Goodness knows I have enough drafts of novels on my hard drive but none have progressed to actually sat on my bookshelf. So I thought “projects” was a more apropos title.

On this page, you can keep up to date on all my writing projects and hopefully follow their journey from scribbles on the back of a napkin to book on a bookshelf. As I say on my about page, I don’t discriminate against any genres so you’ll find a bit of everything below.

White As Snow

White as Snow: Book One in the In The Mirror, Darkly Series

White as Snow is the first novel in the In The Mirror Darkly series of thematic fairytale retellings. It is a story of magic mirrors and poison apples, of lost princesses and unwilling heroes and of one little girl’s fight to find her truth, no matter what the cost.

The Butterfly Children

The Butterfly Children

“They are something altogether darker. They take the form but they are not what they appear to be. We do not yet understand their power. We do not understand what they want with those they take. But we follow the stories. We learn. We adapt. And we will succeed. We are hunters Roseline Cavendish. We seek The Butterfly Children and those who stole them away from us.”


The sequel to White as Snow, The Lost Boys continues the story of the last children of Dayeskis as they struggle to put their lives back together.

Don’t Mention The War

When Internal Affairs officers Cyra Gerber and Dillion Norton are assigned to the murder of a reclusive professor they cannot begin to guess where the case will lead them. Quickly, the investigation becomes a complex web of conspiracy, blackmail and secrets. It becomes a race to find the truth in a world where The Corporation rules and where one little girl holds the key to everything.