Don’t Mention The War

Genre: Science Fiction/Crime

Writing time: 3 years (and counting)

Current Status: part way through first draft

NaNoWriMo Project: No (waaaaay to complicated to sprint write)

Bit of a Blurb: When Internal Affairs officers Cyra Gerber and Dillion Norton are assigned to the murder of a reclusive professor they cannot begin to guess where the case will lead them. Quickly, the investigation becomes a complex web of conspiracy, blackmail and secrets. It becomes a race to find the truth in a world where The Corporation rules and where one little girl holds the key to everything.

Tom Walden is one of a million homogenous workers of The Firm. Every day he puts on his uniform and follows orders. Every day the same. Until the day of the Situation Room. Beating the odds, he finds himself suddenly landed in the middle of a conspiracy so far reaching it could change their world forever and where his gift could just as quickly become a curse.

As the future of the two companies become intrinsically entwined, it is down to a handful of the brave to untangle the web of lies and discover the truth.

The year is 2222. Whatever you do, Don’t Mention The War .

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