White As Snow

White as Snow: Book One in the In The Mirror, Darkly Series

Current Status: PUBLISHED!!!!

Genre: Fairytale Retelling

Writing time: approx 10 years (wish I was exaggerating)

NaNoWriMo Project: Yes (Nov 2014)

Bit of  Blurb:  Evelyn Dewitt is a witch who has forgotten she’s a witch. Forced into exile amongst humans, she has no idea the dangers that lurk in the shadows of her memories. Haunted by dreams she can’t remember and bound by a secret she dare not tell, she has spent her whole life fighting to remember all the things she is forced to forget. As the secrets she’s fought to protect are exposed, she finds herself on the run from her own life and back into her past.

If your whole life was a lie, how far would you go to find the truth?

White as Snow is the first novel in the In The Mirror Darkly series of thematic fairytale retellings. It is a story of magic mirrors and poison apples, of lost princesses and unwilling heroes and of one little girl’s fight to find her truth, no matter what the cost.

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