The Butterfly Children

The Butterfly Children

Genre: Epic Adventure

Writing time: 3 months (on pause for the time being)

Current Status: awaiting editing

NaNoWriMo Project: Yes (June 2015)

Bit of a Blurb: Roseline Cavendish was ten years old when her sister, Lyra, disappeared without a trace and her world fell apart and her search began.

A decade later, an unexpected invitation starts off a chain of events that sends Roseline on the adventure of her life. From gypsies and tigers, to pirate coves and witches lairs, plus a band of the most unlikely of allies, she continues on her mission through the Five Kingdoms to find her missing sister and to get to the bottom of the mystery of The Butterfly Children.

An epic fantasy novel with a bohemian twist, The Butterfly Children is a fast-pace adventure story that will take you to the five corners of a new world, with at its core, a single girl and her determination to put her family back together.

Quote: “They are something altogether darker. They take the form but they are not what they appear to be. We do not yet understand their power. We do not understand what they want with those they take. But we follow the stories. We learn. We adapt. And we will succeed. We are hunters Roseline Cavendish. We seek The Butterfly Children and those who stole them away from us.”

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