Writer’s Toolkit

Welcome to the Writer’s Toolkit. Here you’ll find everything you need to survive this wild and befuddling world of being a writer and all that entails. From tips on self editing to how to format for Kindle; prompts for sprints to reviews of some of my favourite writer’s resources – this is your one stop shop for all things writing.

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Writer's Corner

Writer’s Corner

Being a writer is hard. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle choice. In Writer’s Corner, find all my tips and tricks for surviving the whole journey from untamed plot bunnies through to a fully completed manuscript and everything a writer needs to get from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after”.

Writer's Resources


We live in a remarkable age for writers. Where twenty years ago you only had your own wits and a dictionary to lean on, now we have hundreds of amazing resources at our fingertips. Here I recommend and review my favourites as well as the essentials every writer should be using.

editor's corner


Finishing a book these days is only half the story. It is a sad but inevitable truth that writers spend more time editing than they do writing. Editing is a must skill for the modern writer. In this section find all my tips on how to maximise your editing efficiency without losing the core of your story (or your will to live).



Before I was a writer, I am first and foremost a reader. Here I share my love for all things literary. From Peter Pan to the Godfather, I review all the fiction that inspires me and the things we can learn from them as writers.